Established Marriage Under Stress

A relationship or marriage is a partnership of two people, but it certainly doesn’t exist in isolation. Stressful events from outside of the marriage itself – and outside of couple‚Äôs control – will frequently have an impact on the quality of their relationship and affect their connection with each other.

Jobs, illness, aging parents, unexpected expenses, accidents, and even natural disasters are just a few areas in life that can create stress and impact on the day to day quality of a marriage or primary relationship.

During periods of unusual stress our time, attention, and energy is often required to address pressing issues. Our mental and emotional resources can become depleted. Our focus is often absorbed by the stressful situation… perhaps even constantly thinking or worrying about it.

These demands are likely to result in us being less attentive and emotionally present with each other. The heightened stress can wear us down over time… leaving us overly tired and feeling depleted. Long term fatigue may also contribute to being more irritable or less tolerant, perhaps leading to being easily annoyed and snapping at each other.

Taking on these outside challenges and overcoming difficulties together can actually build bonds and strengthen your relationship over the long term. But, it can also create significant disruption and disharmony in the short term.

Oftentimes, having the support of a marriage counselor can help couples to solve temporary stress more effectively and reinforce the strengths and the emotional connection of the relationship during those difficult times.

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