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Contact Information for Asheville Marriage Counseling

Phone: (828) 686-9601
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Mailing Address: PO Box 958, Swannanoa, NC 28778

Office Address: Suite 232 Park Place Building, 70 Woodfin Pl, Asheville, NC 28801

To protect your privacy *, please use only these methods for your communication or correspondence with Asheville Marriage Counseling or Geoffrey Bullock, LCSW.

Directions Asheville Marriage Counseling Office

From 1-240 Traveling East: Take the Charlotte Street Exit. Go straight through the intersection at Charlotte Street. The building is immediately on your left. I would recommend using the third or fourth driveways, since most of traffic coming off the Charlotte Street is using that section as an entrance ramp – and may not be anticipating stopped or turning traffic.

From 1-240 Traveling West: Exit at the Charlotte Street Exit. Stay in the left most left turn lane on the exit. When turning on to Charlotte stay in the left turn lane (center lane). Turn left immediately after you cross the bridge. You’ll be on the entrance ramp for I 240 E. – the building is immediately on the left during the first block.

MAP: click for interactive map


* Voice messages and USPS correspondence to Asheville Marriage Counseling are secure and confidential. Email is secured once received by Asheville Marriage Counseling, however it is not recommended to send confidential information via email due to risk of it being intercepted by unauthorized parties.

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