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Welcome to the Asheville Marriage Counseling Learning Center. This section provides videos addressing many concepts introduced in marriage or couple counseling.

The biggest benefits of marriage therapy occur in between sessions, when you can practice apply new ideas and approaches presented in your marriage therapy sessions. But it can be useful to revisit and review new ideas when you first start using them.

Come back to this area to refresh your memory on ideas you’ve picked up in your counseling sessions, so they stay ‘front of mind’ in your day to day interactions.

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Hello I’m Geoffrey and welcome to Learning Center of the Asheville Marriage Counseling website.

In the section I’ll be putting some videos, as well as maybe a couple of articles, addressing some of the more common kinds of issues that show up in marriage counseling over and over again.

Now of course, every couple I meet with has unique situations and the way that things show up for them is specific to them. But, there are some underlying themes in areas like fights and arguments, or improving our communication in marriage, or ways that we enhance or decrease our connection and intimacy with our partner… that do have some underlying principles. And that’s what I want to cover in this section.

One of the reasons I’ve really wanted to do this is to have a resource available to my existing clients of my former marriage therapy clients, where they can go back and review some of the things that we address in our sessions. During the course of a counseling session we cover a lot of territory. And if a new idea gets introduced it often can make sense in the moment, but doesn’t necessarily get anchored in. It makes sense at the time, partly because we’re addressing it in context of a specific circumstance, but that idea can be useful in a broader context.

But, it’s hard to retain the specific information from hearing something only one time. So, this is a resource available for my clients to go back and refresh their memory of what we talked about that might have been a new take on something or a unfamiliar or different perspective.

Now of course, I hope that these videos will be useful to other folks as well. Perhaps you’re just sort of looking at the possibility of marriage counseling or looking for some ways to better understand your relationship with your partner. And I do hope that these videos can be useful in that way as well.

But, please keep in mind when were talking about any individual piece of relationships for marriage, like the ways that fights began, we’re talking about something specific that has lots of factors that can influence it. So, please don’t take any one of these videosfor any issue that’s being addressed as gospel truth on the concept. They are a generalization and an overview to introduce some new ideas and some new ways looking at relationship situations, that hopefully, can open the doors to some new ways of approaching and improving relationship.

I hope that you find this section useful. I would love to hear from you if you do or if there’s something specific you would like me to consider addressing… send me an email. And of course it’ s 2015, so if you find something that you like, clicking on the little “Like” button or sharing it someplace with others would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks very much and I hope you find the section beneficial.

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